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The Role of a Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Your Injury Case

Workers’ Compensation Doctor in New York City


One of the first steps to take after a workplace accident is to see a medical professional that is experienced in workers’ compensation cases. It is important to receive proper treatment for recovery, and it is also crucial in ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. There are many who question what a workers’ compensation doctor is responsible for throughout this process. This article will cover helpful information for injured workers to learn more about the role of a workers’ compensation doctor in your recovery process.

The doctor you see for a workplace injury is critical when it comes to your workers’ compensation case. You will continue to see your treating doctor throughout the entire recovery process so that they are able to monitor your physical conditions over time. In return, this will give your doctor a clear understanding of the workplace injury and if further treatment is necessary, along with providing insight on the likelihood of a full recovery.

Responsibilities of a workers’ compensation doctor include:

Diagnosing and treating your condition

In order to receive fair compensation for your injury, a proper medical diagnosis from a trusted workers’ compensation doctor is needed. An experienced physician will initially ask you what happened leading up to the accident and assess your injuries to be able to determine what type of further medical care you need for a healthy recovery. This may result in being referred to a specialist who focuses on your type of injury. Some specialists that injured workers are referred to may include chiropractors, orthopedists, neurologists, pain management specialists, physical therapists, and physiatrists. 

Deciding your work restrictions

After being referred to a specialist if needed, a workers’ compensation doctor will decide how much time you will need off work to heal. This decision will vary from patient to patient, depending on the injury and its severity. They will also decide when it will be safe for the patient to return to work as well. This is a critical step in the process because being sent back to work too early could put the patient at risk for further injury. The doctor will also be able to relay this information to your employer to avoid any conflicts.

Determining your level of long-term disability 

After your recovery period concludes and you have received the maximum level of medical care for your injury, the workers’ compensation doctor will then determine whether or not you will have a permanent disability. If your workplace accident was severe, it is possible to succumb to injuries that have long-term consequences. If this is the case, a notice from your doctor stating so will also ensure that you receive permanent disability benefits as a part of your workers’ compensation.

Providing evidence in your work injury case

Your treating doctor will be keeping medical records of conditions and progress throughout the recovery process that will act as essential documents to have for your workers’ compensation case. Your medical records will contain detailed information regarding the severity of your initial injury and the treatment you were required to receive for recovery. This type of evidence from a medical professional will help patients avoid conflicts with their insurance company. Experienced workers’ compensation doctors can also testify on your behalf.

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