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Study Says Long COVID May Cause Face Blindness

Long Covid - Face Blindness

COVID-19 is known to cause some people to lose taste and smell, and to instill “brain fog,” as well.

Now, new research published in Cortex, links it to face blindness – or prosopagnosia — the inability to recognize faces.

“Self-report survey data from 54 respondents with long COVID showed that a majority reported reductions in visual recognition and navigation abilities,” researchers wrote. “COVID-19 can produce severe and selective neuropsychological impairment similar to deficits seen following brain damage, and it appears that high-level visual impairments are not uncommon in people with long COVID.”

It isn’t known how many people have face blindness. Some are born with it, while others lose the ability to identify faces from brain damage typically caused by a stroke or brain injury,  USA Today  reported.

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