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Should I See a Neurologist After a Work-Related Injury?

Neurologist Treating Work-Related Injury in New York City


A workplace injury that harms your brain or spine could affect your central nervous system and cause lifelong neurological disorders. If a heavy object struck you in the head, for example, you should see  a workers comp neurologist who  can determine the extent of your injuries.  

Workers who experience severe traumatic brain injuries face higher risks of developing Parkinson’s disease. Mild brain injuries could also incur risks of long-term tremors and motor-function disabilities. There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, but controlling its symptoms can often be accomplished through  medication and by following specialized exercises prescribed by the doctor or physical therapist.  

A visit to one of our  knowledgeable and attentive neurology doctors in Brooklyn, NY, can assess  your work-related injury and they will develop a comprehensive treatment plan.   With a personalized treatment plan, you can begin the recovery and rehabilitation process through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

How Soon Might Symptoms of a Neurological Disorder Appear?

You may not experience symptoms of a neurological disorder until days or weeks after you’ve been injured. However, you may notice a few early warning signs that a general practitioner might misdiagnose as a temporary condition.

Seemingly minor symptoms such as headaches, tingling sensations, or fatigue may indicate that a severe neurological condition could develop in the future. When noticeable changes follow the initial signs in your daily habits and routines, you should not hesitate to make an appointment to consult with a neurologist.

Overall, you should not delay obtaining medical attention after a workplace accident. You may not be immediately aware of the full and potentially long-term effects of your injury.

What Are Some Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms?

Traumatic brain injury symptoms may include seizures, convulsions, or a loss of consciousness. If you experience any of these after a fall or an impact with an object, you should seek immediate attention. Physical trauma involving your head or nervous system could also trigger conditions such as chronic anxiety or depression.

A brain injury could affect your ability to control your physical and psychological functions. If you begin experiencing unusual sleeping patterns, bouts of dizziness, or trouble concentrating, you may need specialized treatment from a neurologist to reduce the risks of further deterioration.

It is best to address issues  related to a work-related trauma affecting your brain or your central nervous system before it becomes disabling and you can no longer work. If you’re injured on the job, in New York, Workers’ Comp enables you to see a neurologist at one of our convenient  locations in NYC, Brooklyn, or Bronx, NY.

How Do I Know My Symptoms Reflect a Neurological Disorder?

A neurologist can assess your injuries and determine whether your injuries are mild, moderate, or severe.  If an on-the-job injury results from overexertion or performing repeated sudden-movement tasks, you may experience symptoms of pain, numbness, and loss of function.   A neurologist can connect your symptoms with your particular job tasks, assess the damage, and provide a treatment plan to reduce further injuries.

How Long Should I Wait Before Seeing a Neurologist?

If you do not seek medical attention immediately following a workplace injury affecting your head or nervous system, you could be risking a serious and potentially disabling neurological condition. Our doctors accept workers’ compensation, no-fault, and other insurance plans. You can schedule an appointment at a convenient NYC location with a caring and experienced workers’ comp neurologist and take steps to avoid a worsening condition.