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How To Choose The Right Neurologist in Brooklyn, NY

How To Choose The Right Neurologist in Brooklyn, NY


There is no question that the human nervous system is extremely complex, requiring the best care when issues arise. Neurologists are specialists who handle the diagnosis and treatment plans for disorders that are related to the brain, muscles, and peripheral nervous system. Patients are typically recommended to see a neurologist after their primary care physician has diagnosed them with this type of disorder. Whether your physician refers you to a specialist they know, or your research on your own, finding the right neurologist is crucial to ensure you get proper treatment and reduce any further risks. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right neurologist in Brooklyn, NY:


The first step of getting diagnosed with a neurological disorder is to see your physician. Oftentimes, physicians will have on-hand referrals to certain specialists who they know are equipped to handle your unique situation. You may also get referrals from friends and family members who may have endured the same neurological disorder that you have. This is an easy way to narrow down your search when you are looking for the right specialist to help you. Once you have a list of specialists that were referred to you, you can make the final decision on who you believe will be the right fit for you with the added confidence of knowing that are qualified. 

Research the neurologist’s credentials 

Credentials are important to consider when choosing the right neurologist. Researching credentials will give you a clear idea of that neurologist’s background and history. When you are doing your research, try to find a specialist who is board certified. This will give you peace of mind knowing that they obtain the abilities and necessary experience to treat your neurological disorder. You may also want to research the professional’s medical school, preparing clinics, affirmations, and any possible past negligence or malpractice history on state sites. If any red flags pop up during your search, you will know ahead of time that they may not be the right fit, and vice versa. 

Consider the Neurologist’s Experience

When you are seeing a specialist of any kind, experience always matters. When you are researching a neurologist in Brooklyn, it’s important to find a specialist who has experience handling complex cases and issues so that you know you are getting quality care, and that you will get the best possible results following your treatment. You can determine a professional’s experience by asking how many patients they have seen for neurological disorders that are similar to yours.  

Research Hospital Quality

Just as you should research the background and history of your neurologist, it’s also important to know the environment where you will be getting your care. Once you understand what your diagnosis is, it is critical to find a hospital that has the infrastructure and equipment that is required for your specific neurologic issue and treatment. It’s best to search for clinics that provide advanced support in a safe environment to ensure comfort and confidence throughout the entire process.

Find a Neurologist who Communicates well

Finding the right neurologist means finding a professional that you can trust. It’s important to feel comfortable with your specialist and to be able to openly communicate with them to ensure that your needs will be met. Oftentimes, neurologic conditions are unpredictable and call for confiding conversations between the neurologist and patient. When you first meet your neurologist, be sure to ask essential questions that relate to your case in particular. The right neurologist will take interest in you specifically and want to make the effort to give you peace of mind knowing you are in the right place. 

Look at Patient Reviews 

As always, reviews will be very telling of how a professional treats their patients. When you read through testimonials, you will get a clear understanding of how specialists made others feel who may have been in a similar situation. Oftentimes, if patients have a great experience they will go into detail about certain factors that make that specific neurologist stand out from the rest, and vice versa, which is something that you may not be able to find by simply searching through their experience and history. 

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