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Accident Injury Doctor in New York City

Car accidents are often upsetting and the aftermath can be chaotic. If you’ve had a serious car accident, you may be unsure how to proceed. Whether or not you are experiencing car accident injuries with acute symptoms, it’s unlikely that anyone ever prepared you for such a traumatic event. After you’ve visited the hospital for your initial examination, you need to think about the next steps to take. By visiting an auto injury doctor specializing in neurology as soon as possible, you can protect yourself from insidious conditions and gather important documentation.

1. Auto Injury Doctors Can Identify Conditions Early

For neurological conditions like traumatic brain injury, early detection is crucial. Researchers generally agree that avoiding mentally taxing activities like watching LCD screens or exercising during the first 48 hours after a concussion is critical to maximizing your chances of fully recovering. Later periods of rest and moderation can also help your brain to recuperate.

For working people and students, however, it can be tempting to return to work as soon as possible. When you receive clear directions from a car injury doctor, taking the right steps to protect yourself is often easier. An auto accident neurologist can give you reflex tests and examinations to diagnose any deficits you may have developed, enabling you to understand your condition as early as possible and save yourself lots of trouble later.

2. Neurological Exams Provide Proof of Your Condition

You may not want to think about it at such an early stage, but there is a chance that your injury will make it difficult to work or attend school. You may also have to visit with many more doctors before your condition heals. By getting a thorough examination by an accident injury doctor, you are documenting your condition at the time of your accident. Whether you have cognitive impairments, neuromuscular difficulties, or vision problems, having an objective record can pay off later.

Car Accident Injury Doctor

Neurologists are considered the chief authorities on brain injuries and neurological disorders. When looking for legal proof of an injury, lawyers and insurers turn to neurological records. Auto insurance companies can either be helpful or unsupportive during difficult times, depending on your plan. Visiting an auto injury doctor can help you make sure you have the best chance of receiving payment for your treatment.

Neurological records can also be important when filing for disability. Because social security workers use your condition at the time of injury as a benchmark for your claim, having an early record is generally better than having a late one. Should your condition worsen over time, later visits will show up on your record, demonstrating the direction of change through doctor’s notes and follow-up tests.

3. An Auto Accident Neurologist Can Develop a Specialized Treatment Plan

One of the most important things a doctor can do to help you to recover from whiplash, traumatic brain injury, or other brain-related consequences of an accident is to orchestrate your treatment. Whether this means connecting you to physical or occupational therapists, providing you with migraine medication, or giving you a nerve block, serious symptoms are often only conquered through multiple avenues of treatment.

Auto Accident Injury Neurologist

Though head and neck injuries can cause virtually every symptom under the sun, some of the most common are:

  • Neck Pain
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Sleep difficulty
  • Vestibular problems
  • Mood problems
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Forgetfulness

Having so many diverse problems at once can be both frustrating and confusing. You may not even associate the problems you have with your injury until you seek medical help. Auto accident doctors can help you sort out your symptoms and get you on the way to recovery.

The brain and nerves often heal relatively quickly in the first hours and days after an injury. After this period, healing is thought to slow progressively. Over time, natural healing is replaced by subtle changes in neural structures. This is called “neuroplasticity,” which is akin to learning. 

Your doctor or doctors may want to address your personal injury symptoms individually. By doing this, they can harness the power of neuroplasticity and provide you with helpful learning exercises. It can even be possible to “teach” involuntary processes like balance and memory.

4. A Car Accident Doctor Is Usually Free

A surprising number of patients worry that they won’t be able to afford treatment with a neurological professional. In some cases, this is enough of a deterrent that patients wait far too long to seek proper care. In New York State, no-fault auto insurance often covers visits to a neurologist without a hitch. While insurance can refuse coverage if your visit does not appear medically necessary, doctors are generally well versed in providing the paperwork needed to prove your case.

Auto Accident Injury Doctor

5. Medical Experts Know How To Treat Pain and Migraines

Unfortunately, pain is a major component of many head and neck injuries. Dealing with pain, however, can be complicated. You may worry that you will have to rely on potentially addictive or dangerous opioid medications. An auto accident neurologist can work with you to provide you with the safest and most effective medications for pain management. Sometimes, treatments as noninvasive as a nerve-blocking injection can significantly reduce pain. Other times, simple ice and rest are enough to improve your condition.

Car Accident Pain Management

As with nearly every other element of a brain injury, treating pain early is almost always best. Calming headaches, migraines, and body aches can allow you to sleep better, feel better, and heal faster. Pain relief lets you live your post-injury life in peace by telling your brain that everything is ok.

Should I Visit An Accident Injury Doctor?

Auto Accident Injury Doctors

If you have been involved in a violent car accident or have recently noticed signs of a head or neck injury, visiting an auto injury doctor can give you the tools you need to recover quickly, understand your condition, and gain compensation for your medical bills from insurance companies. In the unlikelihood that your ailment or chronic pain prove more stubborn or difficult than you first suspected, you may find it easier to gain legal support for a disability claim. Medical Clinics of New York City offers unparalleled neurological treatment for auto injury victims. Book an appointment today.