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First Blood Test to Help Diagnose Brain Injuries gets US Okay

by Lindsey Tanner, AP Medical Writer CHICAGO — Feb 14, 2018, 9:04 PM ET The first blood test to help doctors diagnose traumatic brain injuries has won U.S. government approval. The move means Banyan Biomarkers can commercialize its test, giving

Alcohol and Drug use Following TBI

Alcohol and drug use following traumatic brain injury: A prospective study Jennie Ponsford, Rochelle Whelan-Goodinson & Alex Bahar-Fuchs Pages 1385-1392 | Received 14 Apr 2007, Accepted 05 Nov 2007, Published online: 03 Jul 2009 Primary objectives: To establish pre-morbid alcohol

Perspective New Treatments in the Horizon for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Milos Cekic; Donald G. Stein Future Neurology. 2010;5(1):3746. Abstract and Background Abstract Traumatic brain injury is a significant clinical problem for which there is still no effective treatment. Recent laboratory and clinical data demonstrate a potentially beneficial role for neurosteroids, such

Neuroimaging Techniques

Mild Traumatic Brian Injury Advancement’s in TBI and biochemical research may be predicting neuropsychiatric outcome in mild TBI subject’s adjunct to neuroimaging techniques.